5 Easy Tips for Organizing a Messy Bedroom at Metro Marina Bay


Be sure to keep the top of your dresser free from clutter. Source: Morguefile

Although your apartment in Greater Boston, the one in our Metro Marina Bay community, has large bedrooms with plenty of closet space, you may still find that you have a build up of stuff cluttering it up. Here are five ways to organize your bedroom, no matter how much stuff you have collected.

  • Closet space – while many of us use our closets to hide our clutter, an organized closet makes it much easier to keep the rest of the room that way.
  • Sort clothes – if you have clothes that are out of style or no longer fit, get rid of them.
  • Finish your to-do list – often our rooms become cluttered with things we intend to work with, like pictures to be hung or crafts to be finished. Either finish the project or get rid of it.
  • Tops of furniture – any flat surface tends to become a repository for all kinds of stuff. Keep the tops of your dressers and vanity clutter free.
  • Unused space – take advantage of the unused space in your room, like under the bed and other furniture.

For more tips about keeping your apartment in Greater Boston neat and organized, contact us at Metro Marina Bay Apartments.

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