Shorten Your Commute with the MBTA Quincy Ferry

Shorten Your Commute with the MBTA Quincy Ferry

The MBTA Ferry is a great way to avoid the congestion on highways and freeways.

What is the first thing you think about when heading to work? For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is the traffic report. Early in the morning, there is nothing as bad as hitting a rough patch of traffic on the way to the office. Rather than driving on congested freeways, why not commute to work on the MBTA Ferry at Fore River Shipyard.

Since Boston is located on a huge harbor, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) utilizes the city’s waterways by offering ferry rides throughout the year. Currently, MBTA operates four ferry routes which are located in Hingham, Hull, Downtown Boston, and Quincy. Each boat carries passengers around the Greater Boston Area seven days a week.

The MBTA ferry can be located in Quincy at Fore River Shipyard. Parking is available around the shipyard, but it cost $3 per day or $36 per week. Rates for the ferry are $1.70 for the Inner Harbor Ferry, $6 for the commuter ferry, and $12 for the Quincy to Logan Airport ferry. Packages are available for commuters planning on using the ferry on a monthly or yearly basis. If you do not know where Fore River Shipyard is located, the physical address is 703 Washington Street.

Using public transportation, such as the MBTA Quincy Ferry, will shave hours off your commute while reducing your Carbon Footprint. Next time you’re sitting in heavy traffic, consider using this inexpensive ferry system nearby.

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